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BeatBlock- Higher power, Longer life, Bigger sound, More fun.... It's Science

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BeatBlock: Power and Quality Found in no other Portable Bluetooth Speaker.


  • Performance

    This high powered speaker will take your listening experience to the top level with style and durability you can only expect from Tech-Life. BeatBlock has the right components to produce the cleanest, loudest sound around, PERIOD! One listen to BeatBlock and you will notice the immense sound and high volume levels that this speaker can produce without distorting or losing quality, no matter what type of media you are playing!

  • Durable

    The most Durable portable speaker on the market! Custom designed and tested in our state-of-the-art facilities; BeatBlock outperforms competitors in sound quality, delivering the crispest and clearest sound reproduction at every volume level. This little guy gets LOUD!!!

  • Style

    The Patent-pending Rubbertech Bombproof-Black coating on the exterior of the speaker along with the unique honeycomb structures built into the body ensure that this speaker can take a beating and keep on going.

  • Size

    Tech-Life has designed BeatBlock to be compact while still achieving astounding volume levels and uncompromising clarity. Take BeatBlock ANYWHERE, you will be amazed at its ability to fit or store anywhere you need. Easily one of the smallest speakers on the market, the combination of SMALL size with BIG sound will easily exceed your expectations.

Product Features

Multi Purpose

Use BeatBlock a speaker phone for hands-free calling in the car, in the office, or anywhere you need to make a hands free or conference call. The built-in microphone and two-way audio pairing technology allow BeatBlock to provide crystal clear conferencing in any situation. Stay safe in the car and avoid getting those harsh hands free tickets, use BeatBlock hands-free anytime you're in the car!

Big Sound

The rugged exterior of the BeatBlock clearly separates itself from those other portable speakers, but the most impressive feature is the sound. Crisp high notes, clean bass, quality parts, and rugged construction are absolute musts when selecting a portable speaker.


Tech-Life has designed BeatBlock to be compact while still achieving astounding volume levels and uncompromising clarity. BeatBlock fits perfectly in/on your: hand, car, counter top, desktop, picnic table, bicycle basket, beach towel, backpack, fanny pack, tent, toolbox, tackle box, garage, attic, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, locker room, it fits or stores virtually EVERYWHERE!


From the moment you hold BeatBlock in your hand you will notice a clear cut difference from anything you have seen before. BeatBlock delivers superior construction, simplicity, and durability that you will not find elsewhere. The patent pending RubberTech Bombproof-Black coating and honeycomb structures ensure that this speaker can take quite a beating and come back strong.


Portable speakers today need to be suitable for a wide range of situations and applications. Take BeatBlock anywhere - you will be shocked at the sound reproduction and volume levels that it can achieve

Long Lasting

BeatBlock is ready for the long haul! With its built-in Lithium Ion battery, you will never have to change batteries. The 1500mAh lithium ion battery will outperform just about every other Bluetooth device on the market, and last you up to 10 hours of continuous play!

FAQ Section

  • What type of battery does the BeatBlock use?


    BeatBlock contains a 1500mAh (same capacity as an iphone 4) Lithium Ion Battery that is charged by micro USB connection.

  • How long does the battery last?


    BeatBlock's Lithium Ion battery will last up to 10 hours of continuous play, but results will vary based on volume levels and content. You can also continue using BeatBlock as a speaker or speakerphone while plugged into the charger

  • Can it work with any Bluetooth device?


    Yes! BeatBlock uses the latest in Bluetooth technology and has been tested across every platform of wireless Bluetooth devices.

  • How loud does it get?


    This little speaker is capable of exceeding 115 decibels of sound without distortion. BeatBlock is not only one of the loudest speakers in its class; it is also one of the highest quality speakers on the market. Unlike other small portable speakers, BeatBlock offers true hi-fi sound drivers designed to maximize the sound range in a tight space.

  • How far away can my phone be ?


    BeatBlock Has a signal range of over 30 feet and easily stays connected at that distance! (Obstructions in the signal path can cause interruption in playback)

About Us

Tech-Life was founded in Newport Beach, CA by two lifelong friends with a passion for technology and a common goal of producing high quality life-enhancing products with cutting edge design and robust technology. We have become a leading technology company by maintaining our commitment to four pillars of success; Innovation, Quality, Design, and Life! Every new product is created by unconventional innovation and with expanding technology in mind. Innovation is synonymous with technology, and it is no accident that "Tech" is our first name: it is our first thought. The founders of Tech-Life come from extensive and complementary backgrounds in engineering, logistics, audio/video technology, and product development. These diverse skill sets deliver a perfect harmony of Quality construction and purposeful Design, ultimately responsible for creating products that will enhance your life! Again, it is no accident that "Life" is our last name: it is our most important value. That is the Tech-Life way!

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Get BeatBlock and Change Your Whole Perspective on Portable Music.